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July 31, 2018

Available Position

Job responsibilities

Analyze the feasibility of developing new business potentials, and develop existing businesses to maximize profits according to company plans, strategies and objectives.
  • Analyze business conditions and explore the information needed to anticipate every opportunity and possible risks that will arise in the business.
  • Analyze and develop other business opportunities from Adaro Group based on established corporate strategy.
  • Establish cooperation with potential partners and analyze and review best partners useful for the progress of the company.
  • Analyze project feasibility study proposal from economic aspect, regulation, licensing and other aspects including risk and potential analysis.
  • Facilitate the implementation of New Business to improve profitability, productivity and efficiency of the company.
  • Monitor and analyze relevant commercial regulations and their impact on the business opportunity to provide recommendations to management on the steps to be taken in handling legislation.

Job requirement

  • Bachelor Degree from all major, preferably from Industrial Management / Business Management
  • Have 13-15 years total experience with min 3 years experience as Business Development Manager and from coal mining industries
  • Strong competencies in Business Analysis, Market Knowledge Management, Market Planning, and Customer Satisfaction
  • Good communication, leadership, and interpersonal skill
  • Good analytical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skill

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