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PT Epiterma Mas Indonesia, a national steel fabrication & construction company for mining, oil & gas, energy industry is pleased to invite applications for qualified and skilled candidate for the following positions:

1. Construction Manager (Mine Construction)
The person will execute, direct, coordinate, budgeting, individually and through subordinate for activities concerning with the construction and maintenance of structure, facilities and systems. Furthermore, to also participate in the conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling and implementation particularly on the field of work.

• Stationed at Site Kalimantan
• Candidate must possess at least Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Civil), Engineering (Mechanical), Engineering (Metal Fabrication/Tool & Die/Welding), or equivalent.
• Construction Manager / Construction Superintended of the previous contractors are highly desirable.
• Having the experience on gold / core mining, creating concrete
• At least 15 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
• Required Skill(s): construction, engineering, site, supervisor, structural, mechanical
• Preferably senior / experienced professional who specialized in Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural or equivalent.
• Have had the experience to work for gold / ore mining, concrete, machine fondation, tankage fondation, tankage installation, tankage fabrication, site fabrication, steel structure erection, mechanical equipment fitting, piping installation,ball mill and others related work.
• Have a copy of legalized diploma (legalisir ijazah) that can be shared.
• Have a copy of complete personal identification, cerficate/proof of employment, skill related certificate and other supporting documents.

• Overview planning, coordination and supervision of the technical aspects of the construction projects.
• Oversee Operation on day-today basis and ensure work is done safely, on time and within budget.
• Solving technical issues, providing guidance/advice, management and preparing reports.
• Keeping the client or account updated regularly
• Act as the first person of contact for members.
• Having the straightforward attitude and capability to think quickly and respond effectively to issues.
• Strong interpersonal level with great managerial attitude; that involves capabilities to coach, train and strong team building manner.

2. Human resource and Administration Manager (Site Construction Management)
Placement = Cikarang, Bekasi

PT. Epiterma Mas Indonesia is a Steel Fabrication and Site Construction company that has worked for various construction projects mainly on Mining in Indonesia and Overseas. Our longest and most established works at the moment is in Africa for mine construction project that we started since 2005.

As a Human Resource and Administration Manager, you will be responsible to lead the division of manpower planning provided for every project – from recruiting talents, maintaining permitting documents, maintaining relationship with related stakeholders, as well as overseeing all aspects of human resource on the site field.

• Bachelor degree of Business Administration, Legal, Human Resource, or related field.
• Strong English proficiency both verbal and written
• Have extensive experience on managing manpower planning as well as administration needs for Mining Contractor company (minimum 10 years). Plus point for experience handling overseas project, and sending Indonesian workforce abroad.
• Strong knowledge in manpower regulations and institutions that mandate manpower system. Broad connections within the area may consequently plus point for the job.
• Strong leadership capabilities that manage the achievement for target to be done on time with very minimum errors.
• Strong management skills to handle multiple major projects at once.
• Strong communication skills, with abilities to encourage, motivate, and bargain, to achieve maximum results.
• At minimum, understand well the contract between client and contractor for mining construction – or at least construction projects.

• Manage overall team of Site Project Human Resource’s Division; that consists of;
o Recruitment / manpower planning.
o Crew relationship maintenance.
o Administrations and permitting documents.
o Administration support on fields (Manpower, Immigration, BPJS, Airport, etc.)
o Air / Land ticketing.
• Lead the whole team to achieve target on each sub-department.
• Handling several projects at once – whether for local projects and overseas projects.
• On regular basis, maintain communication and relationship with various different public institutions.
• Keeping up to date with current info regarding manpower regulations as well as business trend to equip the team with strong strategies on handling constant changes of regulation in Indonesia.

3. Safety Officer (Africa Mining Site)
As one of our primal overseas project, our work in Africa has span for more than 10 years to date. We have been working with our most valued and multinational and publicly listed client since the initiation of smelter construction in Zambia. Having to partner for over 10 years also proven our hard work and determination that has brought us here to become a multi-national standard construction company.

We are currently inviting young generations with enough experience within the safety construction area who are ready to spend the next 5 years of their career to partake on global project. We are seeking eager to learn, strong characters, and positive attitude personal to join us on the next upcoming years to come. Here are details for the position;

• Candidate must possess at least diploma or bachelor degree in Environmental Health / Nursing or equivalent with GPA above 3.4.
• Willing to work on site with at least 8-9 months – with 3 weeks break and return back to site for at least 5 years ahead.
• Minimum 3 years relevant working experience as safety officer.
• Good knowledge in HSE regulation for lifting or rigging procedure.
• Strong in English proficiency or at the minimum, high confidence level for both written and verbal.
• Certificated General AK3 (AK3 Umum) from Department of Manpower and Labor.
• Fresh Graduate is highly welcome to apply. There will be around 1 year of training for preparation – however you are mandated to be relocated to Cikarang, Bekasi area.

Mandatory Document:
• Have a copy of legalized diploma (Copy ijazah yang di legalisir) that is ready to be shared
• Have an original copy of proof of employment (Paklaring) with length of contribution over 3 years (for those with related experience)
• Have an original copy of Skills related certification (K3, First Aid, etc.)
• Have an original of complete personal identification (KK, KTP, SIM, Akta, etc.).
• Have 48-page Passport. Or if not, willing to process to create a new one

• Make HSE Plan (coordination to the Project Leader and Chairman of PK3K)
• Make a list of HSE related requirements based on the implementation schedule
• Routinely carry out safety talks
• Routinely carry out safety patrols
• Create HSE report (daily, weekly and monthly)

4. Site Engineer, Senior Structural Mechanical Piping
Qualifications :
Stationed at Site
• Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Civil), Engineering (Mechanical), Engineering (Metal Fabrication/Tool & Die/Welding) or equivalent.
• At least 3 Year(s) of working experience for mining project & familiar with Structure Mechanical Piping is required for this position.
• Required Skill(s): Auto CAD, Tekla, Microsoft Project
• Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor) specialized in Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural or equivalent.

Responsibilities :
• Coordinate with Superintendent on the job standards and specifications required for the project
• Make progress report and send report to project leader / client according to schedule
• Interact daily with the clients to interpret their needs and requirements and represent them in the field
• Cooperate and communicate effectively with Project Superintendent and other project participants to provide assistance and technical support
• Review engineering deliverables and initiate appropriate corrective actions

5. Project Coordinator
• Bachelor Degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering
• Fluent in English
• Minimum 3 years experience as Project Coordinator/ Project Planner in Steel Fabrication and Construction for Mining/ Civil/ oil & gas/ Power Plant Project
• 3-5 years experience on creating shop detail drawing (Structural/Mechanical Platework/ Tankage/ Conveyor/ Piping).
• Expert at Tekla/AutoCad
• Expert at Microsoft Project/Primavera for Project Controlling

Responsibilities :
• Carry out every task coordinated by Project Manager
• Clearly understand the fabrication procedure of each project and its manufacturing strategy so that it can be properly poured in Shop Drawing
• Follow every activity in project from start to end & report to Project Manager every weekly
• Understand K3 equipment in their field
• Checking fabrication items to stay efficient in terms of time and price
• Coordinate schedule of completion of checking completion to planner as making master schedule

6. Project Planner
• Minimum 2-5 years experiences with Steel Fabrication company or related field.
• Minimum D3 or Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering with GPA minimum 3.5 above.
• Past experience on handling workshop erection or steel structure.
• Located in Cikarang, Bekasi or around the area – or willing to relocate to Site.
• Minimum 2 years of using Ms. Project & Primavera (P6) other engineering planning tools.
• Capable to work under pressure and strong project mindset.

• Create calculation on foundation and building structure.
• Create each step on project activities to be implemented to work planning.
• Prepare and update S-curve,project progress, engineering and procurement documents registers
• Understanding design drawing and capable to read and comprehend shop drawing.
• Creating project RAB.
• Coordinate as well as supervise so that the project runs according to schedule.
• Capable to user measuring tools such as Theodolite.
• Capable to conduct and supervise work related to civil engineering.

7. Site Engineer (Africa Site) Construction Mining Work
Epiterma Mas Indonesia is a steel fabrication and site construction company – where one of our projects is based in Africa. Our Engineers and support workers are working in Africa on many Mine projects from time to time since 2005 and we have built reputation and extensive relationship on the site with our multinational client.

Currently, we are seeking prospective candidates to join with us with the project as our Site Engineer. We welcome
• newbie (Fresh Graduates), 1 – 5 years’
• experience site Engineers, or
• well experienced Engineers (more than 5 years of experience in Mining Construction)

** Please read carefully the requirement (we apologies in advance that those who does not meet any of the requirements, will not be proceed accordingly)

Able to work on site in Africa (for at least minimum 9 months on site) in the next month (May / June period)
• Graduated from Mechanical Engineer / Civil Engineer / Ocean Engineer with strong GPA and 4 years completion
• Capable to communicate in English
• Have the experience on mining construction for
o Ball Mill,
o Tankage,
o Pipe (particularly for Mine site),
o Rotating Equipment,
o etc.
• Strong capability on using TEKLA, AUTOCAD, ANSI, Primavera, Microsoft Project (minimum 3 years’ experience)
• Have a copy of legalized diploma and transcript (legalizir foto copy ijazah)
• Have 48 page passport (or, willing to process a new one)
• Have clear work histories (paklaring)
• Willing to go through MCU with international standard + yellow fever
• Strong attitude and professionalism for working on mining site
• Open minded and willing to adjust with diverse culture

1. Coordinate with our local crew for the work given by the client
2. communicate continuously with the client to maintain the progress of the project
3. Create daily report, weekly report, and monthly report that will be provided to the Head Office
4. Motivate all crews, particularly direct workers (Fitters, Welders, Helpers, Cook, etc) to keep the synergy within the team and keep increasing productivity.
5. Responsible to keep the ethics of the team high. Be respectful with local traditions and creating harmonious relationship with all the stakeholders (team, managements, clients, environments, etc.)
6. Able to foresee / plan ahead the prospective projects with the client, with strong communication skills to keep building the trust on our client to rely mainly on our services.
7. Able to take pressure, whether it’s external (strong weather, conditions, etc.) or internal with the team and client, and turn it into a drive to keep improving the team’s performances

8. Material Control
• Min. D3 / S1 from Civil pr Mechanical Engineering
• Having 3 – 5 years experience to nesting in steel fabrication company
• To be able to arrange Materials As Per Requirements of the construction drawing
• To be able to operate Ms. Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, and Outlook)
• Expert in CAD / Tekla

• Make take off material from drawing as well as from shop drawing
• Create / control / supervise Material request
• Controlling the budgt of material retrieval
• Monitoring project progress
• Creating material demand spec
• Making the rate of material usage
• Controlling th waste material used by the project
• Registering and controlling Material request release
• Reporting Material request into the system

9. Rigging Engineer (Mining Project)
• Stationed at Site Kalimantan
• Candidate must possess at least Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical) or equivalent.
• Required language(s): Bahasa Indonesia, English
• At least 5 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
• Required Skill(s): Lifting, Rigging, Auto Cad, Lifting Gear
• Preferably Supervisor/Coordinator specialized in Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural or equivalent.

Responsibilities :
• Responsible for lifting equipment selection, procurement and ensure all lifting equipment meets the required standards.
• Ensure all documentation required for lifting and rigging has been processed and correct in order for the lifting and rigging to proceed
• Produce Lifting and Rigging Method Statements, Plot Plans Rigging Studies, Heavy Lift and Critical Lift packs
• Ensure safety critical elements are maintained
• Competent at assessing the lifting and rigging employees under his jurisdiction
• Monitoring of the ongoing lifting operations at site to ensure best industry practices are being carried out and legislative practices are meet.
• Expert knowledge in lifting equipment, lifting equipment selection for procurement and task, lifting equipment inspection and lifting equipment devaluation calculations
• Knowledge of all project Lifting and HSE standards and requirements.
• Make progress report and send report to project leader / client according to schedule
• Interact daily with the clients to interpret their needs and requirements and represent them in the field
• Cooperate and communicate effectively with Project Superintendent and other project participants to provide assistance and technical support

10. PPC Planner (Steel Fabrication)
• Candidate must possess at least Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Civil), Engineering (Mechanical) or equivalent.
• At least 3 – 5 Year(s) of working experience in the Steel Fabrication workshops field is required for this position.
• Required Skill(s): planner, fabrication, budgeting, manpower, control, reporting
• Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor) specialized in Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural or equivalent
• Stationed at Cikarang

• Creating budget allocation and manpower (Pemborong / Pemborong Daily) depending on capacity.
• Create organizational structure depending on the capacity (Foreman).
• Create manpower request or Pemborong to the HR Department.
• Conducting control on manpower fulfillment according to request and target.
• Conducting and controlling manhours depending on target and constructability.
• Controlling SPK cutting, fabricating, blasting, painting, bundling depending on the constructability.
• Conducting control progress or LHK depending on the constructability.
• Conducting item deliverables control that includes fabricating items and accessories (Bolt, Grating, Wire Mesh, etc.).
• Creating budget report on manpower and manhours (actual) in contrast with the budget and capacities.
• Creating fabrication progress report depending on SPK according to the rundown.
• Creating fabrication progress report and accessories items being delivered depending on the constructability.

Kindly send your updated Curriculum Vitae and related documents to email: (Subject : Position Title_Name). Visit our website :


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