PT. Macmahon Mining Services


PT. Macmahon Mining Services is a multinational mining contractor company and has a combined mining experience of 50 years including projects throughout Indonesia.

We are seeking motivated, highly qualified candidates to join our team.

(Jakarta Based)
Preferred qualifications and experience:
• Bachelor Degree in Economics, Finance/Accounting/Banking or equivalent is preferred with GPA minimum 3.00.
• Required Skill(s): Specializing in Finance – General/Cost Accounting or equivalents
• Able to communicate in English
• Computer literate (MS. Office) as minimum.
• Having minimum 1-2 year experience in Accounting/Finance/Taxation
• Able to handle Finance Account Payable
• Fresh Graduate are welcome to apply
• Hands on, cooperative and independent
• Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadline.

Key responsibilities include:
• Perform financial/payments operational functions
• Create a plan of funding need (cash flow)
• Checking the Completeness of the supporting documents of payments and processing the payments of each financial transaction in accordance with the procedures and on time
• Responsible in managing invoices are processed with high quality and able to archieve the entire documents
• Prepare the required letters, data or report
• Ability to liaise with vendors

(Jakarta based with frequent travel to Site)
Preferred qualifications and experience:
• Software skill required : Surpac and Minescape (Design and Reserving)
• Able to communicate in English and attached any relevance English test certification
• Having minimum 1 year experience from Mining contracting background

Key responsibilities include:
• To provide designs, productivity planning and scheduling for new and current mining work on specific sub-section(s) of the mines in order to ensure that contractual and commercial requirements can be met in a safe, productive and cost-effective manner.
• To monitor, record, summarize and report correspondences with client on mining technical & related activities on specific sub-section(s) of the tender in order to ensure compliance to regulations & standards, and communicate project performance.
• To identify opportunities for improvement and initiate/participate in studies and special projects in order to optimize mining opportunities and maximize contract value.
• To develop & communicate project designs, schedules, cost, results and recommended improvements effectively to end-users in order to allow them to be successfully implemented in the field with the support of project management.
• To enforce safe and environmentally friendly working procedures in order to ensure the excellent safety record and encourage employee participation in health and safety matters in order to comply with statutory requirements and HSE expectation.
• To perform knowledge sharing in order to enhance the professional development within the organization
• To keep confidentiality of the data under the law, company rules, and agreement between company and the prospected client.
• Estimate optimum mining cost build with and apply financial model for tendering.

(Site Based)
Preferred qualifications and experience:
• 3-4 years of experience in similar industry
• Deep knowledge upon procurement operation
• Have extensive experience in inventory control, warehouse and procurement management with a capability in monitoring direct staff or subcontractors

Key responsibilities include:
• To coordinate the data completion and data integrity of supplier and pricing database in order to obtain quality products at best commercial terms negotiable in the market.
• To review and monitor all purchase orders in order to fulfil the demand of goods which are required to perform company’s core activities effectively.
• To monitor the alignment of change on requirement with the procurement process in order to ensure effective consolidation and centralization.
• To monitor the update of purchase order tracking system on a regular basis in order to ensure accurate tracking in terms of goods delivery, invoices received and payment made.
• To coordinate and develop the assigned subordinates in order to optimize workable time.
• To develop continuous improvement and optimization activities in order to ensure optimum efficiencies in ongoing basis.
• To ensure sufficient competent technical resources are available in order to effectively perform procurement
• To coordinate with logistics and warehouse function in order to optimize the cost, price and timeliness of delivery of purchased materials.

Please send detailed resume (on PDF format) including recent photograph, to express your interest for above positions by email to: with details as follow;

1. Write your CV file as follow “CV – Position – Name“
e.g : CV – Procurement Officer – Sulaiman

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