PT Petrosea Tbk.


PT Petrosea Tbk. is a multi-disciplinary mining, infrastructure and oil & gas services Company with a track record of achievement in Indonesia since 1972. We offer a competitive advantage through our ability to provide complete pit-to-port mining solutions, integrated engineering and construction capabilities as well as logistic support, whilst demonstrating absolute commitment to health, safety & environment, quality management, and business integrity.

We also provide services for the oil and gas industry in Indonesia through our Petrosea Offshore Supply Base (POSB) deep-water supply base that consistently delivers international standard and cost-effective services to all of our clients. Petrosea has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX: PTRO) since 1990 and was the first publicly listed Indonesian engineering and construction Company in Indonesia.

We are currently taking applicants for the following position:

(Assignment: Head Office)
• Bachelor degree in Engineering, preferably Business Administration or Engineering or other discipline with min 1 years of experience
• Fresh graduate is welcome to apply
• Able to operate computer include using CMMS (is a plus)
• Able to use Bahasa and at least English at practical level
• Support ethic, posses & practice good attitude at work.

• To prepare & maintain complete data of asset purchase, include data of existing asset
• To collect & maintain formal-document of machine to keep original formal document e.g. form A, B/L etc., to liaise with related department that maintain or keep BKPB
• To prepare/collect & maintain CER Component operation; to liaise & expedite process at HO level, to monitor approval and distribute the update
• To prepare/collect & maintain operation data on asset; Weekly update of asset status, by site/location, Monthly update on LTD asset
• To prepare insurance declaration of all PTP assets; must have proper sum insured value, Prepare proposal of sum insured value (with Engineering section).

(Assignment: Head Office)
To provide expertise in the areas of Maintenance Strategies and Implementation across Asset Management, including but not limited to Equipment KPI review and Best Practice initiatives; To provide expertise in Eqp Selection & Modification works with Asset Engineering and related OEM; Actively participate in official forums both internally and externally involving CI and Best Practice Initiatives to contribute in development of CI culture within Asset Management Group..

• Min. S1 degree in Civil / Mechanical / Industrial Engineering with 5-8 years exp in Mobile and Plant Maintenance in Mining Industry
• Has extended knowledge in CI tool for Best Practice Management (6sigma, RCM, FMEA, Kaizen, etc)
• Has extended knowledge of Heavy Equipment Maintenance Management
• Has extended experience in Equipment Health and Machine Application tools (SOS, TPMS, VIMS, ET, FPO, VHMS, INSITE, MIC, etc)
• Proficient in Lateral and Analytical thinking/ skills
• Has exposure in analysis of costs on improvement and modification projects
• Highly competent computer skill in Microsoft environment (incl. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access)
• Is highly competent in managing reports for regular and management review; action plan presentation
• Fluent in English, both oral and written
• Willing to travel to project sites in remote locations

• Support HSE programs and the Environmental management system to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standards and requirements.
• Establish control over agreed Asset Management POAP to ensure compliance between Maintenance Strategy plans and Implementation, in order to close the gaps as per agreed targets.
• Carry out and participate in Regular Self-Assessment involving all functions to ensure Asset Management is achieving its desired objectives and strategy plans.
• Contribute and provide technical assistance in terms of Equipment Selection and Modification Works (work with Business Lines, Asset Engineering, OEM).
• Lead and Liaise with all Asset Management sections regarding to Initiative projects related to system, material and products through measurement of Trials, TBE, CPH analysis and reports.
• Develop team’s knowledge of multivariate technical data analysis capability using available CI Tool concepts (6Sigma, RCM, FMEA, Kaizen, etc), with support from internal/ external training resource parties.
• Participate in official forums with OEM Vendors and Industry Network Peers to keep up to date with the latest technology/ information and possible initiatives for asset reliability and cost saving projects.

(Assignment: Head Office)
To prepare and provide comprehensive engineering approach and analysis to Asset Management operation in Energy sector (Mining, Oil and Gas Services, Construction) e.g. (but not limited to): Asset Life Cycle Cost, Rate, New asset purchase analysis, Asset disposal analysis, Asset improvement analysis etc., which eventually support effective and efficient Asset Management operation.

• Graduate degree (S1) in Engineering preferably in Mechanical Engineering, candidate with proven extensive experience (with ldifferent/ower academic qualification) is highly considered (min. 5 yrs)
• Min. 3 (three) yrs experience in Asset Management / Maintenance especially few years on-site
• Able to use computer well ie MS Office suite, especially spreadsheet application and CMMS (is a plus)
• Able to communicate in at least Bahasa and English, on both verbal & written
• Willing to travel to site in remote area
• Own high ethic and practice good attitude at work, strong willing to perform and grow, willing and able to work under high pressure whilst maintaining the quality of the result.

• Prepare & maintain Asset rate (especially mobile equipment)
• Prepare & maintain LCC (life Cycle Cost) to provide realistic LCC
• Maintain LCC through periodical review, to see the LCC fitness
• Prepare analysis on asset actual performance
• Prepare & provide light recommendation in determining predictable asset performance, revenue and asset risk
• Prepare & provide relevant data for Mtc Budget, Reforecast and Tendering new project budget
• Support relevant effort & work/task to achieve Asset Management Group (AMG) objectives by referring to internal Petrosea policy
• Identify hazards and risks during task completion in order to minimize exposure to personnel and the environment
• Ensure work performed conforms with Health Safety and Enviromental (HSE) Corporate procedures, and official standards and requirements.

(Permanent Employee – Site Based)
Monitor and supervise production activities an effective fleet management system by analyse and investigate reason for failure to comply with productivity target using the selected system.

• Min bachelor degree in Mining Engineering or foreman/supervisor with min 7 year experience
• Min 2 (two) years experience as a Mining Engineer especially for running Fleet Management System
• Good understanding of Mining Business Processes
• Good analytical skill & problem solving skill
• Fluent in English, both oral and written
• Strong reporting and technical writing
• Good understanding of Mining Business Processes
• Excellent computer skill in Miscrosoft environment and other related applications, especially in report preparation and presentation
• Good customer service and team work
• Willing to be based at the company’s mine sites and work in shift

• Undertake daily management of mine production information every shift and reporting systems.
• Maintain and update Fleet Management System based on mining progress.
• Deliver and implement daily or shiftly mine planning from engineering to operation production.
• Dispatch, monitor and supervise production activities an effective Fleet Management System and coordination with operation to achieve and improve production and productivity target.
• Analyse and investigate reasons for failure to comply with productivity target and dispatch instructions by operator or shift supervision and report all findings to supervisor operation in order to have appropriate solution.
• Dispatch, monitor and supervise production activities every shift for an effective fleet management system and coordination with operation to achieve and improve productivity target to production efficiency.
• Maintaining and implementing HSE program including Environmental Management System to ensure the programs conform to official standard and requirements.

(Assignment: Head Office)
Maintain the day-to-day operations and to assume responsibility for maintaining the physical asset of the property under the direction of the Maintenance supervisor.

• Work Flexible hours to accommodate the Job requirements
• Min. 4 years previous experiences as Maintenance Engineer
• Min. Bachelor degree in any major, preferably in Engineering
• Willing to be placed in all project locations
• Good command in English verbal and written
• Excellent computer skill
• Familiar with maintenance engineering software

• Review existing preventive maintenance job and set up requirement for each preventive management job
• Set up estimated elapsed time for each preventive management job
• Maintenance scheduling of mobile and fixed plant
• Development and implementation of preventative maintenance programs
• Ensure safe and healthy work practices are followed
• Work scheduling of maintenance activities
• Ensure maintenance coverage for breakdowns
• Order of adequate spares and materials
• Study requirement of heavy equipment operation to identify operating procedure, maintenance and repair
• Set up maintenance activities plan including spare part and maintenance cost
• Identify the damage of equipment and find solutions
• Preparing plant number for plant to be capitalized and all document
• Preparing / recording movement of each plant
• Suspending plant to be disposed
• Modification of equipment and upgrade of existing facilities
• Liaise with operations departments to ensure optimal equipment and plant availability
• Monitor material and equipment utilization
• Preparing environment to track cost per equipment (and roll up to higher hierarchy)
• Preparing environment to manage retention time (i.e., 10 hours)
• Servicing and solving problem once the end user find problems
• Proposing to procurement department if possible to have an integral system with maintenance system.

(Assignment: Head Office, Bintaro)
To be the repository of all Petrosea maintenance tools including data, standards, and templates for all Petrosea Plant and Equipment. To apply these maintenance tools into Petrosea maintenance planning activity. To develop, maintain and document all processes, procedures and method statements for the MOS within the Asset Management function.

• Work flexible hours to accommodate job requirements
• Minimum Diploma degree with 8 years experiences in maintenance
• Min 5 years leadership roles holding supervisor or superintendent positions
• Extensive background and experience in maintenance of larger excavator fleets
• Experience on both Liebher and Hitachi model excavator
• Demonstrate a good understanding of planned maintenance and backlog management
• Good analytical and supervisory skills
• Good communication in English
• Possess broad knowledge in heavy equipment maintenance.

• Develop, manage and maintain a comprehensive database of plant maintenance templates from Petrosea experience and generic and historical data
• Provide to the Asset Manager updated comprehensive rebuild and replacement (capital) information from templates for capital expenditure estimates
• Provide to the Maintenance Planners on each Project detailed updated preventative maintenance data from templates for long and short term planning
• Audit Work Order closing information for accuracy and completeness and ensure rectification of non-conformance
• Audit Preventative Maintenance schedules and report non-conformance to the Equipment Manager
• Develop, document and audit compliance with all MOS method statements, processes and procedures within Asset Management function and maintain continuous improvement of these
• Ensure all planning schedules are regular and on time for evaluation by production planners
• Interrogate data and assist Maintenance Controls Superintendent to perform FMEA analysis
• As consequence of FMEA results enhance PM and PMR templates
• Continually monitor and mentor all planning activities and personnel.

(Permanent Employee – Site Based)
Ensure short term mine plan applied in daily mine operations, regarding to Pit & Dump design and sequence targets, and provide quick solutions on any operational problems on daily mine activities, aligned with current mine plan, in order to ensure productivity unit targets achievement.

• Min bachelor degree in Mining Engineering.
• Min 3 years experience in mining industry.
• Familiar with mine planning , scheduling software & Dozer Push Method.
• Good analytical thinking and problem solving skill.
• Good communication and coordination skill.
• Fluent in English, both oral and written.
• Willing to work flexible hours to meet project requirements.
• Willing to be placed in all company site offices.

• Prepare detailed weekly plan referred to monthly plan and 3 MRP (three months rolling plan).
• Ensure short term mine plan applied in daily mine operations, regarding to Pit & Dump design and sequence targets, in order to achieve productivity unit targets.
• Provide quick solutions on any operational problems on daily mine activities, aligned with current mine plan, in order to ensure productivity unit targets achievement.
• Ensure daily meeting and hand over shift are well coordinated regarding to shift and daily plans (fleet position and mine sequence).
• Analyse and identify engineering problems in order to propose solutions and expedite actions regarding the client agreement where necessary, as a mediator to the client.
• Support and cooperate with site survey team in order to analyse progress surveys and haul profile surveys.
• Evaluate and analyse production performance data related to productivity, utilisation, and availability in order to ensure mine planning achievement.
• Coaching and mentoring of graduate mining engineers, mining engineers and technical assistants in order to provide technical support.
• Identify hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages in order to minimise exposure to personnel and the environment.

(Assignment: HO/Site Based)
Control, monitor and supervise Business Mining Process by variance in the Project mining operations to ensure production is achieved in accordance with Project parameters, project schedule and budget and in compliance with Petrosea and project safety and environmental policy and guidelines.

• Min bachelor degree in Mining Engineering.
• Min 6 (six) years experience as a Mining Engineer.
• Excellent communication skills in both Bahasa Indonesian and English.
• Good computer skill in Microsoft environment (Office) and other related application, such as mine planning and scheduling softwares.
• Outstanding leadership skills.
• May be required to assist at project sites.
• May be required to work flexible hours to meet Project requirements.

• Provide leadership and direction to all mining engineering staff to ensure the safest and efficient mining operations to achieve production targets.
• Work with Senior Mining Engineer to develop weekly, monthly and shutdown schedules for inclusion in the BMP plans by the Senior Mining Engineer.
• Assist with the implementation of the BMP system through leadership of technical assistants, production of accurate and timely reports, and troubleshooting problems encountered with the system.
• Responsible to implement long term mine plans and short term detailed mine execution plans at all levels using the BMP process and to provide the necessary production parameters needed by BMP on a continuous feedback basis to enable short term control to achieve the long term mine plan.
• Assist the superior to develop and update mine plans and production schedules in accordance with project criteria.
• Implement and manage the mining operations in accordance with the mine plan to achieve production schedules.
• Organise, coordinate and manage production meetings internally and with the Client and arrange for distribution of minutes.
• Responsible for the optimization and utilization of mining equipment by the Mining Supervisor to achieve production targets.
• Ensure smooth coordination between Mining operations and Maintenance to maximize availability and utilization of all mining equipment.
• Monitor and manage the performance of all mining engineering staff.
• Assist the Project Manager in the training and mentoring of personnel as required by the Company.
• Assist the Project manager in promoting the development of teamwork.
• Implement all safety procedures, rules and regulations and statutory regulations in accordance with the Safety Management Plan.

(Assignment: Head Office)
To develop & mentoring personnel in Asset Group. To develop, implementation and control of long term planning, budgeting and forecasting. To develop, maintain and document all processes, procedures and method statements for sound management system within the Asset Management group. Responsible for examining existing process, evaluating them within the context of organizational goals and proposing changes or enhancement to help achieve those goals.

• Min. Education & experience:
– Bachelor Degree in Engineering in any discipline is preferred with minimum 8 years experiences in heavy/mobile equipment Maintenance Management or
– Min D3 Engineering (preferably Mechanical) with 12 years experiences in heavy/mobile equipment Maintenance Management or
– Min STM Mechanical/High School with 16 years experiences in heavy/mobile equipment Maintenance Management
• Excellent understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives
• Strong knowledge of system and software of CMMS and Direct, hands-on experience with (Computerised Maintenance Management System), ERP Program, CM Database, SAP-PM most preferred
• Strong knowledge & concept for set-up Preventive Mtc, additional know-how in Predictive Mtc is a plus
• Experienced with Asset and maintenance Key Performance Indicator Measurement and Analysis
• Knowledge of database design and file management techniques
• Strong customer-service orientation
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Excellent listening and interpersonal skills, Ability to communicate ideas in both technical and user-friendly language
• Highly self-motivated and directed
• Keen attention to detail
• Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment
• Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
• Willing to travel in any location e.g. any project/site location which in remote areas.

• Support HSE programs and environmental management system to ensure the programs conform to quality standards, and statutory and regulatory requirements
• Ensure to have regular review of asset maintenance strategies by model through analyzing the historical data / OEM recommendations/ Site personnel feedbacks & come up with a reliable cost effective strategy to ensure TCO is in-line with cost models
• Ensure review & analyze Long term Planning schedules (1-3 year) for all major fleet – identify risks/ benefits in long run & finally come up with a realistic plan
• Liaise with OEM vendors by arranging regular meeting to discuss issues identified in long term & documenting the same with proper feedbacks
• Proper co-ordination & regular communication with central planning & site planning to ensure the long term & short term planning schedules are transformed into execution mode & also all planning issues addressed & resolved properly – both at central planning & site planning level. Regular visit to BPN & Sites will be required
• Timely submission of maintenance budget, Yearly, SBP-5 Years or Budget for tender maintenance budget
• To check and investigate all variances from target and report to Planning Manager in order to maintain data accuracy and improving the robustness of the approach in building-up the Long term mtc plan
• To analyze in general the historical event/cost and provide information to Asset Engineering team on likely event to adjust based on data/fact
• To develop, implementation and control of long term planning, budgeting and forecasting , those included and not limited to :
– Annual Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting (Rolling Plan)
– Long Term Planning, budgeting & Forecasting (Rolling Plan)
– Financial modeling and scenario
– Equipment planning , annual and long term , Replacement or additional
– Budgeting implementation, Control and Analysis
– Managing Cost Control Group
– Escalate 5 years forecast , analyze & communicate risk
• Recommendation to manage the future risk
• To facilitate and work with all sections in AMG to review existing business process, determine and develop improvement strategy to reduce ineffectiveness and business risk and also to pursue sustain business improvement initiatives.
• Mentor & develop people within asset group in system & planning functionality

(Assignment: Site Based)
Provide commercial / contracts management expertise to Management and Clients, including auditing documents for compliance and offer a legal perspective to all situations that may expose company to risk in order to enhance company’s effectiveness and efficiencies in term of minimizing such risk in commercial / contracts.

• Minimum Bachelor Degree from Engineering major
• Min. 4 years experiences in Contract / Commercial / Mine Reporting, Cost Controller
• Have ability / experience in writing formal / contractual letter in English
• Have experience in quantity measurement activities
• Proficient in using MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point)
• Eager to work hard, good teamwork, accountable, good analytical skill, and has knowledge in Mining Operation
• Requires travel to Project Locations as required.

• Review and analyze contracts at the Tender stage, giving input to the Bid Manager regarding the contract composition/ legalities and any qualifications required in order to align conditions to company contracting guidelines
• Review and develop appropriate contractual strategies in order to maximize commercials effectiveness
• Drafting formal letters and attending negotiations of a contractual nature in order to provide logistical support to Project Managers in resolving contractual issues with the Client/ Vendors
• Organize and manage variations and claims to their scope of work and successfully negotiate these to settlement, including a running log of all contractual correspondence to settlement.
• Evaluate and analyze all legal aspects of commercial documents/contracts and manage such to stay abreast of commercial change / risk
• Evaluate and conduct restructuring of internal documents to ensure all company’s documents are in accordance with the Petrosea Contracting Principles and management of commercial contracts
• Review Client Monthly Report (CMR) prior submission to the Client
• Review Monthly Progress Claim prior submission to the Client and monitoring the issuance of Client’s Payment Certificate and monthly invoice
• Prepare and submit Monthly Contract Monitoring Report to Commercial Superintendent
• Prepare Project Monthly Report (PMR) agenda, record and distribute PMR action list
• Assist Superior in preparing Contractual Correspondence to the Client
• Attending in Vendors/ Suppliers/ Subcontractors meeting and visit, involve in audit investigation, and also interface with commercial / legal service providers
• Support HSE by implementing the program and conform to HSE standard & regulations.

If you are interested into applying this position, please register yourself at our online recruitment system, Petrosea Career ( and apply to position with title, not later than 22 August 2018.

Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of Petrosea. We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the recruitment process.


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